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Gunther is the Author of 12 Books & in 2006 publishe his Book Journey Through Color & Time. He is currently working on his new Book Project "Looking Out." 

Gunther is also leading very small private and personal Adventure Photo Tours/Workshops through out Asia.
For more info on his PhotoTours please click this link.

He is the official Panasonic Lumix Ambassador for Asia and the Pacific.

November 2015 -
Lumix GX8 Photo walk and workshop for the Media in
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

June 2015 -
Photo Walk and Launch of the Lumix GX8 in Bangkok, Thailand

May 2015 - Guest Speaker for the Official HIPA Philippine Visit, event hosted

by DPP Magazine, Manila, Philippines

June 2015 - Seminar/Workshop on Documentary Photography during the Graphic
Expo in the Philippines sponsored by Power Mac Center. 

November 2014 - Celebrity Speaker, Seminars and Photo Walks during the Panasonic LUMIX LX100 Launch in Singapore.

October 2014 - Guest Speaker at the DPP Manila Photo Event, the official Launch of the Panasonic Lumix GH4 Cameras in the Philippines.

September 2014 - Guest Speaker and Workshops for Panasonic on the Lumix G Series Camera and lenses in Malaysia at the three day Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival (KLPF)

August 2014 - Gunther's images were featured in a Panasonic Lumix lens catalog in Singapore.

June 2013 – German Magazine "PICTORIAL" ART BUYERS DIGEST a Magazine from PROFIFOTO featuring a 6 page Portfolio on Gunther’s Australian Aborigines, the Magazine with Gunther’s Portfolio will be out during this years CEPIC Congress (Center of the Picture Industry) in Barcelona, Spain 2013.

November 2012
- Gunther had his solo Exhibition in Parais France, organized by his Agency ANA Press.

December 2011 - Gunther together with Steve McCurry and Michael Yamashita was again on the Judging Panel and a Celebrity Speaker for the One Asia Festival - Celebrating the Images of Asia Event in Singapore.

2010 - 7 of Gunther's images from India "Rajasthan" have been used for the international production of the 2011 "Gallazzi" wall calendar. Distributed in Italy, France, United Kingdom and Spain.

2010 - Guest Speaker for Apple Aperture 3 September 2010, Bangkok Thailand

2010 - Gunther was invited to be part of the  Judging Panel and as a Celebrity Speaker for One Asia - Celebrating the Images of Asia Event in Singapore Oct. 2010

He was selected as one of the Judges for the prestigious Nikon "The Big Shot" competition a TV Reality Show in Singapore. Oct. 2010 with a cash prize of US$ 16,000.00.

2008 - Photo of the Week German Stern Magazine "Bilder der Woche" no. 46 of November 6. Translated Headline:The only thing left from the Sharks

The same image was later used as a spread in "Muy Interesante" Magazine in Spain and Portugal. Major English news channels also published the same image.

2007 - Guest Speaker for the launching of Apple Aperture 2 in Mumbai India, Phuket Thailand and Jakarta Indonesia.

In March 2007, Gunther Deichmann received his Apple Pro Training Certification

Gunther still travels throughout Asia and Micronesia covering remote places in the region. Every year he chooses new destinations to capture images, if only for his own personal satisfaction.

To see his latest published works please click the link: Publications 

August 2007, Gunther was a guest in MEDIA IN FOCUS hosted by Che Che Lazaro at ABS CBN on the ANC Channel which featured a 1 hour on Photography. The topics during the interview where Photojournalism, travel, the past and future and the art of photography, the show was a live broadcast, on ABS CBN and was broadcast also outside the Philippines on Cable TV.

2006 - Gunther published his Book "Journey Through Color & Time" a limited edition 360 page hard cover coffee-table book covering more than 22 Countries over 30 years.

In 2006, the German publishing group, ARAKI, used on the cover of the book Die letzten Nomaden his image of the The Olgas With A Rainbow - indeed proof of the timeless value of this 30 year old photograph.

In 2004, Gunther published the revised edition of the guide book, The Dive Sites of Puerto Galera, Philippines and Palau, Micronesia. He also produced the booklet "Palau Jewel of the Pacific".

In 2002, Gunther, who is also a Creative Director, together with Rene Olbes organized and produced new advertising collateral's for the Palau Visitors Authority earning them honorable mention during the 2002 international PATA Conference.

In 2001, he published a guide book on Palau, Micronesia, with marine photographers Kevin Davidson and Ethan Daniels.

In 2000, he published the guide book, The Dive Sites of Puerto Galera, Philippines, a guide book on diving and marine environs, with text by Frank Doyle.

1997 - Gunther and his family settled in Manila Philippines. It is from here where he covers Southeast Asia and the Pacific. He held a photo exhibit at the Australian Embassy in Manila in 1997.

1994 - Seiko used his work in their worldwide television and print advertising campaigns for Kinetic watches.

1991 - Other highlights of his career include writing and directing the music video for the English band Electronic (Warner Bros., USA ) in 1991. Also, the first 35mm MTV production in the Philippines of the single Get the Message, which enjoyed top ratings on international music charts. 

1990 - He covered major stories for Animan Magazine in Switzerland. Animan published his portfolio in 1990, and then later, his photo essays of the Philippines, the Mekong River in Indochina, the Australian Aborigines, and Australia each featuring spreads from 24 to 26 pages and two covers.

In 1989 Collins Publishers, also in Australia, published his book, Northern Images, his first artistic book, which featured his personal favorite images of the Northern Territory.

The Geo Magazine in Germany used his Australian images both for the magazine and for a major calendar production. Airone Magazine in Italy sent Gunther to Nauru and the Philippines for photo assignments.

Gunther's images have appeared in other major book productions, including The Racing Game, National Geographic, Time-Life, Reader's Digest, BBC (London), and in magazines such as: Cover of Der Spiegel (Germany), Bunte (cover), National Magazine (South Africa), National Geographic , New York Times (USA), Sued Deutsche Zeitung (Germany), Grand Reportage (France), VSD (France), GEO (France), Terre Savage (France), and Figaro (France), National Geographic Traveler, Asian Geographic and many others.

He was featured in a documentary titled Visions in the Making, which was broadcast on the ABC (Australia). Of the four Australian artists featured, he was the only still photographer.

Gunther rocks, too! In 1989 the Australian rock band, Midnight Oil, used one of his images for the cover of their album, Blue Sky Mining.

1987 - The NT Press Club Annual Media Awards in Australia awarded Gunther Deichmann the Pictorial Excellence Award. He also received the Sheraton Award for pictorial promotion of tourism in the Northern Territory.

A photo-essay for Thai International Airlines won him a PATA category Award, and he has been on the PATA Gold Awards Honors Roll in Osaka, Japan, since 1987.

1986 - A collection of Gunther Deichmann's photographs in an Australian tourist promotion won for its publishers a unique clean sweep of prizes in its category at the International Travel Awards - first prize for Best Domestic Brochure, first prize for Best International Brochure and the National Tourism Award.

1986 - One of Gunther Deichmann's photographs was used in an advertising campaign that won awards at the Art Directors Club in Melbourne, Australia.

In 1986, he was named by the Bulletin, an Australia magazine, as one of the leading professional photographers in the country. In that same year, the AIPP requested Gunther to assist renowned New York-based photographer Pete Turner during his visit to Australia. Pete, who at first photographed Ayers Rock, returned a few years later to photograph other great places like the Pinnacles in Western Australia. Gunther and Pete inevitably became good friends and are in touch until today.

1985 - Australian Professional Landscape Photographer of the Year.

In 1985 Savvas Publishing, Australia, published his book, The Territory, a 256-page coffee-table book featuring the Northern Territory of Australia.

In March 1983, Time Magazine used on its cover Gunther's shot of The Great Australian Dry. It was his much awaited break. In 1985, the AIPP awarded him the Professional Landscape Photographer of the Year.

1982 to 1985 - He has won an impressive 14 merit awards from the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP).

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