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Vietnam with its coastline spanning over 3000km Vietnam is an ideal country to boast a strong seafood industry, including both aquaculture and open ocean fishing. Mũi Né is a coastal fishing town in the Bình Thuận Province of Vietnam. The town, with approximately 25,000 residents is a ward of the city of Phan Thiết. <br />
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Environmental impact on Overfishing:<br />
If no action is taken, in three decades shrimp will be more than three times as expensive, tuna and mackerel will be nearly six times, and grouper will be almost nine times, as expensive. These numbers will have severe economic consequences if nothing is done as fish protein comprises more than 22 percent of the average Asian diet. If such fishing continues unabated, not only will prices rise of food that is essential for the region, but the livelihoods of tens of millions of people involved in the industry whether it be the actual fishing or the processing of caught seafood, are at risk of finding themselves without work.<br />
A Known Problem<br />
Overfishing in East Asia is not a new problem and in the South China Sea, has been known for some time. The problem is multi-faceted. Fish are being caught too young limiting chances for population regrowth and replenishment of fish stocks. As a result, the fish that are being caught are smaller necessitating a greater haul thus reducing the population even further.