GD Personalized small Group Photo Tours and Workshops 2018

“Light is photography... photography is light.” -- GD

- Discover the undiscovered - 

India - Nepal - Sri Lanka - Cambodia - Vietnam - Myanmar / Burma - Tibet - Indonesia  - Bhutan & Australia


- YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A PRO - GD Photo Tours are conducted by Gunther Deichmann, one of Austral-Asia's most accomplished and experienced photographers. Join Gunther on one of his trips for a fantastic Journey through Color & Time as he leads expeditions, photo tours and workshops around the world. Learn more about the places you visit, the people you meet, and the unique ways of life you will encounter. Improve your photography as you study side by side with Gunther. 

Discover with us the undiscovered!

"Combining 55 years of experience… 35 years of Photography and 20 years traveling through out Asia producing countless articles for international Magazines, we guarantee that you get the quality time you need on each and every location with Gunther and his expert team."

We only travel in very small groups between 4 to max. 6 participants on all published destinations, providing you the full attention of Gunther Deichmann making these workshops very personal, fun and a fulfilling experience for you.   

Gunther has published 12 Books with international Publishers including "Australia's Natural Wonders" and in 2006 published his Book Journey Through Color and Time, some of his most recent accomplishments;

June 2013 - German Magazine "PICTORIAL" ART BUYERS DIGEST a Magazine from PROFIFOTO featuring a 4 page Portfolio on Gunther’s Australian Aborigines. The Magazine with Gunther’s Portfolio came out for the CEPIC Congress (Center of the Picture Industry) in Barcelona, Spain 2013.

November 2012
- Les Voyages de Gunther Deichmann : Solo Exposition - November 30, 2012 Paris, France

December 2011 - Gunther together with Steve McCurry and Michael Yamashita was again on the Judging Panel and a Celebrity Speaker for the One Asia Festival - Celebrating the Images of Asia Event in Singapore Dec.2011  -

GD PhotoTours and Workshops selected by PhotoShelter for 2014.
"Have camera, will travel:50 Awesome Photo Workshops Around the World This Year."

Link to Gunther's complete Biography

You will photograph for example places in Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and many other excotic destinations, while learning from one of the best and experienced travel photographers around. Gunther covers all aspects of the shoot: how to solve technical problems, how to work with people, gaining access to unique places and the digital work-flow on the road. You will learn how to research a story, select a destination, prepare a shooting list, edit your pictures and ways to share your work with a larger community.

Gunther will work with you in critique sessions and in the field, sharing his working knowledge and techniques.

Participants are encouraged to photograph not only scenes and the environment, but also  people. (Gunther has been travelling throughout South East Asia since 1992 and his experience with people is immense)

Gunther is also a Certified Apple Pro Trainer and has years of experience on Apple Computers, he can assist you with selecting the right images, editing in Lightroom, Photoshop or othres. Create Multimedia Presentation and how to make the correct back up of your images in the field and at home.

Gunther will discuss technique, intent, composition, and the creative use of the camera and lens. He will review and critique your images, and works-in-process, getting published and give you an idea of where you are, and what to do next to become better Photographer.
But most important you will learn how to see things in a different light and having fun at the same time.



New exciting destinations - GD Photo Tours/Workshops
in Asia for 2018


Personal, private, very flexible & small groups only!

e have decided to proceed from now on with very small
groups and by invitation or direct email.
For more details:

GD PhotoTours and Workshops was selected by PHOTOLEMUR in Sept. 2017
15 Excellent Classes and Workshops for Travel Photography

GD PhotoTours and Workshops was selected by PhotoShelter in 2014.
"Have camera, will travel:50 Awesome Photo Workshops
Around the World This Year

We ONLY travel in very small Groups not exceeding
max. 6 participants & YOU don't have to be a Pro to join.
Thus making our Itinerary more flexible and the
opportunity in visiting places rarely accessible by others.

We have selected some very exciting and new destinations for 2018,
in particular for a very special Journey to Vietnam and Myanmar see below the scheduled dates, these are very special places perfect for
Photography due to their culture and our small group size and special approach.

We provide complete details only via email now,
since we have reduced the number of participants to only 5-6.


MYANMAR June 2018

Details: 20 days; our dates are confirmed, the start of the workshop/photo tour is on 15th of June from Yangon.

This tour can also be broken down in three segments covering either one of the three listed destinations below.

We have excellent logistics in place which enables you to fly back to Yangon from where you can catch your international arrival or departure flights.

 Note: There are only 2 more slots available.


Participants: Max. of 6 Participants






This is a very special Photo Tour/Workshop with a max. of 4 to 6 Participants, traveling to some of the beaten track 

destination seldom visited by others but we also visit Mandalay. Plus having an excellent local Guide 

on the ground whom I have worked with before, hence we get to experience and visit places rarely seen by others.


Please Note: First come first serve and
final date for bookings is by May. 6th, 2018. 


Please contact me for more info.


INDIA 2016 - Ujjain, Kumbh Mela which is held only every 12 years and one week in Kolkata -


April 15th to May 02, 2016

Max. of 4 Participants

More detailed info is only available upon request and bookings have to be made way in advance due to the nature of this special tour. Confirmed booking have to be received by January 2016 - Feedback from previous participants please CLICK THIS LINK.  
For inquiries pls. go to our Booking page


VIETNAM 2016 - 11 days covering the North and South - 
(final bookings have to be made by latest August 15, 2016)

September 21st to Oct. 01 2016

Max. of 4 Participants


Vietnam 2017 - North and South (including Hoi An) - June 06, 2017
until June 22nd

We had a very successful and amazing Photo Tour in Vietnam in 2016 and have now extended this very exciting trip to even more awesome places to South and Northern Vietnam in 2017.

We have only one more spot available and if you would like to
participate please advise us by no later then May 05, 2017.

Due to our small group we are very independent and flexible traveling by air-condition Van through out, but also travel by boats once we reach the Mekong Delta reaching some very interesting places that are NOT on the Tourist Map.
Including is also one internal airfare from Hanoi to Hoi An
and HCMC (Saigon)

This is a very customized and personal PhotoTour/Workshop and I am around 24/7 for all your requirements and advising you how to get the very best Photos throughout our Journey.

Max. of 6 Participants.