"Views from my Balcony" A photographic journey from the confined space of my Balcony during Covid-19

Eric Meola's article/review on the book "Views from my Balcony":

I have no idea how large or small Gunther Deichmann’s apartment in Manila is, but the images from his new book — “Views from my Balcony” — are spectacular vignettes of life, flashing with light and color. 

 Filled with images of rickshaws flitting in the night, people running in the rain, storms brooding along and above the skyline, buildings on fire, and life exploding onto the streets of a magical place he has plucked from the shadows, we see life through the eyes of a master looking down from on high at a vibrant city.

 What an extraordinary testament to how a gifted photographer can be boxed onto a sliver of concrete ten floors about the ground, and yet see and create an entire world. If there is one place Jay Maisel might have traded for his legendary building on New York City’s Bowery, it might be Gunther Deichmann’s balcony in Manila.
Highly recommended.

@Gunther Deichmann


Kevin D O'Daly,
Professional Photographer

Tasmania, Australia 

Just received this  beautiful book full of amazing imaginative creative photographs that are an inspiration, not just to photographers but to all mankind. This is an awesome work of art, reading through Roger Garwood’s introduction gives great insight into a creative mind, passionate and an obsession with creative photography. Gunther you must release this book to many more people they deserve your insight and thought processes on the pandemic. What you have created from the 10th floor of a 2.5 x 1.2m space in photographs is a great essay of the pandemic and what is possible through the power of the mind.

Roger Garwood,

Perth, Western Australia

Gunter, my dear friend, mate, colleague whatever. I’ve opened the book and have been sitting on my bed going through it.
I have to say I feel somewhat emotional to the point of being 'tear struck'. It’s a fucking brilliant achievement and I hope you’re justifiably proud of it. I am certainly proud to call you a mate. I know this book and the work, world class demonstration that it is, is by no means your swan song - I know you will carry on shooting great pictures and I wish you the good good health to keep cranking your talent out. This evening I’m going to have a glass of red to congratulate you.
As we say in Oz 'Onya mate'.

Franziska Berthold
Graphic Designer -Datagrafix

Berlin, Germany

A travel photographer during Corona-Lockdown, only able to take photos from the small balcony of his apartment. Not able to explore the world, Gunther Deichmann's focus shifted - observing the daily routines of street vendors and hard working people, he captured dramatic weather changes and the every day events that were unfolding in front of his lens. 

Views from my balcony is a fascinating account of unusual times. It gives a unique insight into the extraordinary situation we are all facing during the Corona pandemic. Not only does it affect the photographer himself; but everyone.

The photos are beautiful and rich in meaning. It is hard to believe that Gunther Deichmann took all those photos from his apartment. It is a good example that skilful photographers don't need to travel far or take photos of exceptional places to create dramatic and memorable images. With its generous book size, well designed layout and great printing quality Views from my balcony would make a great coffee table book and a wonderful present. 
Highly recommended.